Hungry Fanny: Scotch Eggs

Hi guys, I couldn’t believe my luck when I chanced upon a twin-pack of Scotch eggs in my local Tesco Express!

2 Scotch Eggs, available from Tesco at £1.19

I love Scotch eggs and I have real fears that they will all be seized by the Scotch when they achieve independence from the United British Nations. I will not be a happy Fanny if that happens!

The eggs themselves? Great breadcrumb coating, just the right amount. The sausage meat had bits of hard gristle in it, which is a great innovation from Tesco as it makes it a more textured and interesting eating experience. The egg itself was hard boiled, which is standard but predictable.


As you can see I finished them in no time!

Overall I’m delighted with the result. The eggs were very filling and, after all, a full Fanny is a satisfied Fanny!

Thanks for reading!

Love from Fanny xx


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