Fanny Gets Out: Review of 12 Years A Slave

Oh hi there guys, I’ve been to the cinema! To see a film!

It was at Vue West End and tickets were £14.50, which is really good value because you get to sit in a large room with other people, have a chat and watch a film.

There’s great food too, I had a jumbo hotdog (nice and filling), large popcorn, nachos and a large drink. All in all an evening at the cinema must have cost less than £40!

On to the film; I saw 12 Years A Slave, a comedy caper starring Michael Fassbender (hunk), Benedict Cumberbatch (dreamboat) and some other actors I hadn’t heard of.

So basically, the main guy (long name, can’t remember) gets so drunk (we’ve all been there!) that he wakes up, and here’s the twist… he’s been made a slave!!!

It’s a classic case of confused identity, as his captors don’t know he’s a free man! So, how does he escape the situation? Well, you’ll have to watch the film to find out but he doesn’t! He’s a slave for 12 years.

Watch out for some seriously naughty whipping scenes (naked!) and a cheeky cameo from Brad Pitt (still hot) who is pretending to be Canadian. I was so shocked at this I spilled my big Coke all over myself; Fanny got wet!

I had a right laugh watching this film and I thought people around me were pretty humourless to be honest. There was this big set-piece where the main guy had to stop himself being hanged and, apart from my laughter, you could hear a pin drop.

Afterwards I realised they must have been all doing one of those silent laughs you do when something is really funny, because I could see quite a few people had been CRYING.

I’ll probably get it on DVD when it comes out so I can laugh all over again. Go and see it!!!

Love from Fanny xx


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