Fanny Gets Out: Denmark

Firstly, sorry for all of you who haven’t seen Fanny for a while. She’s certainly deserved a nice break away from things after being worked so hard in 2014 so far.

I stayed in the beautiful capital city of Copenhagen, in the country of Denmark. For those of you who don’t know much about Denmark, it’s where the Vikings came from. We even had a King or two who came from that country. But Fanny isn’t here to talk about Cnut!

The first thing I noticed about the place was that the sea was everywhere! And what does this mean? Great seafood! I don’t mind telling you Fanny had more than a taste of fish while she was there! And if it wasn’t fish, then Fanny got crabs. ImageAn old-fashioned, wholesome family nation, Danes love cruising and motor-boating.

While we were on a boat tour of the waterfront, we saw where they would be hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I watched this recently, and was amazed to see such a hairy woman win, especially after the bullying I received from Laura and Ashley at school.

Another great experience was visiting Kronberg Slot (Castle). This was the setting for the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, which is still proving really popular years after its first release – I’d make sure you go and see it soon because it must be nearing the end of its run now?? It doesn’t cost too much to enter the Slot, so it gets Fanny’s recommendation.

ImageKronberg’s Slot is open to members of the public

Oh and I must show you this photo:

Apparently it means cream!

Apparently it means cream!

How funny is that?! They must be wandering around completely unaware that the words they write sound unintentionally rude! Well, if Fanny needs cream next time she’s in Denmark I guess she knows to ask for Karolines Kokken.

So that’s my break, I hope you’ve not been missing Fanny too much. I’ll be back with some fab product reviews (remember PRs, do send me ANYTHING you think I’d like because I am not fussy seriously) soon.

Love from Fanny xx


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