Fanny Has A Moan

I have to say, Fanny is itching to get something off her chest. I’ve tried keeping it all bottled up inside, but I can feel it seeping out. How can I put this?

Fanny doesn’t want to be rash, but I think the blogging world is getting a lot less friendly and a lot more bitchy since I joined up 5 months ago.

It all started, in my opinion, with Guru Gossiper. For those who don’t know it, it’s a place where people go to be nasty about bloggers. Considering all the benefits bloggers bring to humanity, I think this is pretty low. At least start on the people who deserve it, like politicians, teachers or healthcare workers.

And now, inevitably, they’ve started bashing Fanny. They’re calling me a troll, which I bet is Ashley and Laura up to their old tricks again. They’ve never forgiven me for the incident in the showers at school. They had it coming.

 As you, my loyal readers, know I am not a fake blogger! All I want to do is give you a glimpse of the day in the life of Fanny, with it’s ins and outs, ups and downs and comings and goings. If I am sent stuff by PRs I will review them honestly, but really I will do anything so just get in touch seriously.

I’m seeing increasing numbers searching for me specifically, the stats don’t lie and a lot of people are Googling “Fanny” “Fannyshaven” and other terms they know will help find this humble blog.

I’m not going to let the haters win, and will carry on blogging about my life.

Love from Fanny xx


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