Fanny Juices

Hi guys!

Guess what Fanny’s bought? A brand new juicer from Philips!

Philips always produced good juicers

Philips good at juicing

Fanny’s a big fan of juicing, it’s a nice healthy way to get lots of fruit in her, and leaves her feeling really good afterwards!

A busy lifestyle can leave you feeling pretty run-down, especially when you’re not getting your five-a-day. So I thought a nice machine would solve all my problems.

IMG_20140828_163505 IMG_20140828_163331

So, I gathered all my fruit (see above), and got ready to get seriously juiced up! I particularly love a nice big banana, they produce a nice full, delicious juice!

The finished juice

The finished juice

And here’s the result! A nice fruit juice, with minimum lumpiness! Hard to believe all that fruit produces the juice above, but there we are.

Now I’ve got my hands on this, Fanny’s going to be juicing every day! I think it’s important to feel good at the start of the day – so you go to work with a spring in your step – and this will help!

You can get great juicers from Philips here!

Love from Fanny xx


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