A Very Fanny Christmas

Welcome back to my blog guys, soooo much has been happening in my life but I don’t want that getting in the way of a Christmas post!

I love Christmas, it’s a time of year when a baby was born many millions of years ago on Christmas Day. Unlike Mary and Joseph, who found no room at the Inn, Fanny always has plenty of room for everyone.

I love that song “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” because I like the thought of offering somewhere warm and inviting to come inside to… as long as they leave a present! Speaking of the cold weather, what are the odds we get a nice White Christmas for once?

So, what’s on the menu this year? Well, Fanny’s no vegetarian and will definitely be getting her fair share of meat! I’ve got my eyes on this extra large bird. which I’m hoping will be stuffed to kingdom come on the big day!

Fanny loves a nice spread, so we’ll have all the accompaniments of course; roast potatoes, sprouts, pigs in blankets, cranberry sauce all with my signature dish ‘Fanny’s Drippy Wings.‘ Simply take the turkey wings and marinade in a creamy sauce.

Fanny's watering at the mouth just looking at it.

Fanny’s mouth is watering just looking at it.

And of course, Fanny likes to get in the spirit of things by playing a few games. In my family, Hide the Parsnip is a Christmas favourite… whoever finds the hidden root vegetable wins!

The tree is up, a nice big one from Scandinavia, you can’t go wrong with Norwegian wood.

Aaaaand of course I haven’t forgotten about pressies! I certainly hope Santa has something to give me from his big sack!

Hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Love from Fanny xx


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