Fanny’s Virgin Experience

Happy New Year! What resolutions have you made this year? For Fanny, it boils down to one thing; getting a good workout, long and often.

So with that in mind, I was asking my friends what gym I should join.

My friend Jim mentioned Virgin, a name I hadn’t heard for years (when I used to go to their gyms on a student membership!) I thought, oh, won’t Virgins be too expensive?

But I weighed it up and I decided that paying a little bit more guarantees quality. So I went down there, and got signed up.

I must say I was very impressed; with Virgins the equipment is so new and they’re so enthusiastic in helping you get to where you want to be.

The staff and fellow gym users are all so helpful and keen to help you get fitter.

There’s something really motivating about having loads of other people watching you as you pump away. Even though you’re really sweaty and tired, you don’t want to stop and let everyone down.


I had to get this photo off the web as when I went to take photos in the changing room, I was told off.

It’s also got a great swimming pool area with a steam room etc. I particularly liked the jacuzzi facilities; it’s always a real pleasure to feel the water squirting from the holes underneath you, as you lie back and relax.

All in all, I would thoroughly recommend using a Virgin, Fanny got a great workout and felt great afterwards.

What do you think of Virgins? Have you got any new year’s resolutions? Let me know in comments below this post! I’d love to make new friends.

Love from Fanny xxx


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