Inside Fanny & Swedish Meat

Fanny’s been out and about, to make her inside life better!

Yes, that’s right, I went to IKEA this week and I had the time of my life. Fanny’s a big fan of “doing it herself,” so she loves stores like this, where you get so much good quality Scandinavian wood and tools to put it together.

Fanny wanted a nice new rug, so went on the hunt in their store in Tottenham. Oh, what a selection! There were nice thick, furry rugs, interesting woven rugs and low-pile rugs.

Personally Fanny’s always been a fan of a small thin, rug. I had a great one from Brazil I bought many years ago, but I decided I wanted to change from the Brazilian.

In the end I opted for a welcome mat because I just wanted a nice rug that says “welcome to Chez Fanny.”

After an exhausting day looking at rugs (and trying out beds!) I was suddenly very hungry.

I’ve seen Transun are doing a fantastic guide to Scandinavian restaurants with bloggers, so I decided to give IKEA restaurant a go. I have to say, their meatballs are legendary.

Fanny loves a nice meaty meal, and you don’t get balls better than the Swedes! I’m not sure what’s in the sauce but it’s absolutely delicious.

The prices are so cheap:

£3.80 (for 10)

£4.80 (for 15)

(for 20)

Naturally I paid the top amount so I could get the most balls for my money. Well worth going to if you’re on the hunt for meat at minimum expense.

All in all, Fanny had a wonderful time shopping and can’t wait to go again.

Love from Fanny xx


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