Fanny Reconstructed!

Hello and welcome back to Fanny’s Haven!

You may have noticed Fanny’s absence recently. Let me explain.

Some time ago, WordPress informed me my domain had expired and wanted to charge me an extortionate fee to get it back. I can’t imagine why anyone else would want so much.

A long story short, after I made an appeal to raise the money to buy the domain back (a number of people who I didn’t even know offered funds!) I have got it back and Fanny can be let loose again!

As I’m relaunching, it made sense for Fanny to have a complete redesign.

So I’ve reconstructed it and I’ve tightened things up so it’ll be a more pleasurable experience on here I hope.

I hope you like the new look, is now even more pink and easier to digest I think.

Love from Fanny xx


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