A Fanny Valentine

Hello Fanny lovers! Long time no see!

Well, I couldn’t miss out on telling you about Fanny’s exciting Valentine’s Day.

For Fanny, it’s the best day of the year – she can be rather in demand on Tinder I’m not too embarrassed to say!

But my date this time(!) was a strapping young man called Richard. He told me to meet him at Chick ‘N’ Sours for brunch. It seems he loves eating out, which Fanny likes to hear!


I couldn’t believe my luck, as Fanny loves a bit of meat on bone – looks like Dick knows what Fanny wants!

I was not disappointed. They served us promptly, asking what we’d like to drink. As it’s called Chick ‘N’ Sours, I went for a nice stiff cocktail.

Delicious! After a few of those, Fanny could feel herself loosening up!

Now for the main event, the chicken! They do delicious “Disco Wings,” so I opted for them. OMG, they were incredible.

It was a bit embarrassing in front of Dick, but I was tucking in so fast, my sticky wings were dripping everywhere. With the juices flying all over the place and my fingers covered in the stuff, Fanny must have looked quite a mess!

Then again, Dick had bone marrow sauce halfway up his chest so he must have got pretty excited too!

The attention to detail at the restaurant was second to none, right down to the hen on the ladies toilets – although I was rather more tickled by the cock on the door of the men’s!

Overall, I’d say this was an unbeatable experience for Fanny – the best Valentine’s Day I’ve had in some time. I don’t want to jinx it but I think Dick and I just seem to… fit!

Love from Fanny x


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