Hot Fanny/ Hair

Oh.My.God. It has been soooo long since I last posted here. I better give you an update on my life, FAST!

Firstly, it’s been so HOT! I’ve definitely been a bit sweaty downstairs; the perils of living in a basement flat ūüė¶ But all the warm weather means Fanny needs washing regularly or she starts to stink!

On to my latest review! I was lucky enough to be sent through one of these Wet Brushes through and I have to say I love it!

Laura and Ashley would be jealous, yes Fanny might be hairy, but it's nice and straight now!

Laura and Ashley would be jealous, yes Fanny might be hairy, but it’s nice and straight now!

Fanny’s hair is very curly and gets tangled up in the morning (and at night!), so what it needs is a bit of wetness! This brush cuts right through those curls with the minimum of fuss, meaning I’m not tugging on it, I’m just gently stroking it.

I have to say Fanny thought she was very lucky indeed, until she saw ones that can squirt! Well jel.

Keep the review offers coming in, I’ll do anything!

Love from Fanny xx

Fanny Loves Beads

Hi guys, so this week I’m doing a fashion review! Because I’ll do anything!

This little beauty is a blue beaded necklace from Laura Ashley. I knew two girls at school called Laura and Ashley and they used to say unflattering things about Fanny in the changing rooms before P.E. Luckily, this beaded necklace is fab!
Image£12.80 at Laura Ashley

Fanny doesn’t normally go blue, pink is her colour in general, but these were exceptional circumstances as it was such a nice piece. I’d definitely recommend it to friends if I had them.

Finally, I hope you’ve all noticed this is now! So happy, because there’s not enough of Fanny on the web and I really hope this will bring her to your attention.

Love from Fanny xx

Beautiful Fanny: Pupa Lipstick Review

Hi guys,

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; Fanny’s lips haven’t been looking great recently.¬†They’ve been dry and colourless, and that’s not good!

That, coupled with the hair above my top lip, means that I need to invest in some new products!

So that’s where Fanny’s new stick comes in. The lipstick is Pupa‘s Lipstylo Extreme no. 11 and it’s from Milan, the city of love.

photoPupa’s lipstick range can be found here

Just look at the shimmering pink colour; Fanny’s lips are back to normal again! With a little help from Pupa’s products!

Love from Fanny xx